Tailor-made solutions

BYK Netherlands B.V.´s strength is its core business: the development and delivery of custom-formulated additive solutions that add value to the operations of our customers worldwide in a rich variety of applications.

The more distinctive a customer’s product or production process, the greater the chance that an off-the-shelf additive approach will not do the job. Addcomp has the resources and experience to design a masterbatch that meets the most demanding requirements for product performance, but one that can be processed with the greatest efficiency.

BYK Netherlands B.V. specializes in:

  • Formulation development and optimization
  • Incorporating difficult-to-handle ingredients such as liquids, viscous materials, and those with low melting points
  • High additive concentrations (> 60%)
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Multi-component (combi) masterbatches
  • High-performance, functionalized maleic anhydride grafted (MA-g) polyolefins

BYK Netherlands B.V. has a track record of aggressively investing in its research and development capabilities. In 2011, the company started up a unique pilot extrusion line to support the in-house development of new functional masterbatches. Suitable for dosing additives as granules, powders, or liquids, the line enables BYK Netherlands B.V.’s R&D team to work in close cooperation with customers to optimize proprietary solutions.

The results of this commitment to our core capabilities can be found in each of the products listed in our current product catalogue.

Put our unique expertise to work developing a polymer additive solution that is tailor-made for your own special requirements. To contact us, just click on the “Development Request” button.


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