Sticky, waxy, viscous, or highly migrating additives can cause processing issues when they are incorporated in conventional masterbatches:

  • Difficulty in achieving uniform dispersion of high-concentration masterbatches results in inconsistent product
  • Agglomeration (blocking) during palletizing or storage, particularly with highly migrating additives
  • Reduced throughput due to the requirements of screw lubrication

All these technical problems, and many more, can now be solved through an innovative approach to masterbatch production called SKIN TECHNOLOGY™. This practical new solution allows the preparation of masterbatches with concentrations of problem additives as high as 25%. By limiting surface migration, this unique technology eliminates pellet agglomeration (blocking).

Save 5 to 8%

By switching to a high-concentration masterbatch, SKIN TECHNOLOGY can produce significant savings, particularly where migratory or viscous additives are used to achieve functionalities such as UV stabilization, anti-static performance, and anti-fogging.

Solving pellet agglomeration and bridging issues in masterbatch storage, handling, or feeding can help increase process efficiency as well:

    • Avoid down time
    • Reduce maintenance cost and effort


SKIN TECHNOLOGY uses a co-extrusion process that produces strands featuring an inner layer containing the required additive composition and a protective polymer outer layer.

The benefits of this two-layer approach have already been proved in many applications, such as UV stabilizers, anti-static additives, and anti-fogging agents. This unique technology also promises to provide greater convenience and cost savings for processors who need other functional additives.

Our technical experts can work with you to deliver a solution tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Reduce total system cost by switching to higher concentration masterbatches:

While a typical masterbatch contains 15% of an additive, a SKIN TECHNOLOGY masterbatch can support additive concentrations as high as 25%. The lower total additive volume means a higher volume of less expensive polypropylene primary resin, resulting in lower total system cost.



Conventional prices used for 100 kg of extruded film:

SKIN TECHNOLOGY masterbatch: 5,70 € per kg

Conventional masterbatch: 4,86 € perkg

Polypropylene: 1,60 € per kg

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