ADD-MAX® is Addcomp’s brand of processing aids which reduce the friction between polymer and metal tooling surface resulting in substantial efficiency and quality improvements.

ADD-MAX® can be used for all polymer processes, such as film and tape production, yarn spinning, nonwoven production, injection- and blow molding, tube and profile extrusion.

Applying ADD-MAX® in these processes has huge processing benefits:

  • Maximization of production output
  • Faster color change-overs
  • Widening of processing window

Also the properties of the end-product can be improved by using ADD-MAX®:

  • Smoother surface and/or less broken filaments
  • Elimination of black spots
  • Potential to increase stretch / spin draw ratio

ADD-MAX® has no chemical reaction with polymer, is easy and safe to use (food contact approved) and is effective at low dosing rates (0.25 – 1.5 wt%).

ADD-MAX® is available for the most widely used polymers: PP, PE , PET and PA6

For more information on ADD-MAX® processing aids please take a look at our standard product portfolio.

ADD-MAX products

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